Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Profiles in Hardened: Migrating to the "new" hardened profile

For a while now, there have been two different sets of Hardened Gentoo profiles to pick from (not counting the SELinux ones)  For most of that time, the correct profile, managed by the hardened team, was in hardened/${ARCH}.  The release engineering team (apparently trying to organize their profiles better) created a hardened/linux/${ARCH} tree (including options like 2008.0, minimal, etc.)  Unfortunately, this new profile was never maintained, and quickly became outdated, with the hardened project pointing people back at their "real" profile.

At some indeterminate time not too long ago, the hardened team took over maintenance of the new profile, and some users are receiving notification to update their obsolete profile to the new one.  So, lets update my Hardened AMD64 laptop and see what happens.